What Others Have to Say About Anne

 “I was just thinking about things I am grateful for and I wanted to let you know how much I still love my kitchen! I swear every time I walk in, I think it is so beautiful! I feel like I have a room in my house that is a piece of art!!!  I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your creativity and helping me have a kitchen that I love cooking and being in.”

-L.N., La Jolla, CA


“My husband diagnosed with Parkinson’s and we wanted to stay in this house for as long as we could. We realized that the bathroom needed updating so we could use it eventually for a walker and possibly a wheel chair if need be. Needing to improve the home conditions as his balance became worse was important to our quality of life. The process of selecting materials and fixtures that would suit our needs would have been so difficult without the help and it really exceeded both of our expectations. We knew we were limited to the size of the existing bathroom. You worked out a design that we are extremely happy with. It works beautifully. The function was the most important thing but it is truly beautiful and we are very happy with it.”

-P.D., Rancho Bernardo, CA


“Anne Kellett and I have worked on several projects related to aging in place. I am impressed with her sensitivity to client needs and preferences. She is especially skilled in helping couples sort out differences of opinion and in giving up habits that compromise safety. She is forward thinking in planning large and small changes that create a liing situation wt hat will be inviting while being safe and ready to accommodate the physical and mental changes of older adults. Partnering with someone like Anne is especially important for adults making changes in the years BEFORE retirement when we can contemplate accommodations in a thoughtful fashion. The alternative is waiting until one’s partner is disabled or requires extra vigilance. Planning ahead is more cost-effective and creates a sense of accomplishment and farsightedness.”

–  Maryalice Jordan-Marsh, PhD, RN, FAAN, USC Department of Social Work, Los Angeles, CA


“Anne is acutely aware when she walks into a space whether it “works” or doesn’t.  She can “read” the client quickly and pinpoint their goals and needs.

She is a calm and experienced team leader who helps to orchestrate the design experience for a client to ensure that their wants and needs are implemented into their new space. She guides them along the journey, pointing out solutions and products they never knew existed. Anne brings other like-minded professionals into the process and together they work very hard to bring the client into a safe, easy to use and beautiful new home.

One of Anne’s true desires is to make a real difference in the homes of those folks who seek her out to help them. She looks forward to each new place, and takes time to learn about her clients’ aspirations for the changes they desire with respect to the people who live there.

One of Anne’s missions is to change the notion that design for easier usability has to be ugly! She loves the Universal Design principles because it creates spaces where all generations can live, move, and grow safely, easily and beautifully.”

-P.B., Poway, CA