Mexican Inspired Accessible Bathroom

What do a blocked waste pipe, Parkinson’s and a broken hip have in common?  A completely gutted and redesigned bathroom for better accessibility.  Add to that a love of Mexican Talavera tiles.  The space measures only about 6 foot square.  The previous bathtub was replaced with a roll-in shower with regular showerhead at one end and a hand-held one near the center.  The controls were placed near the other end so a caregiver will not get wet.  Oiled bronze balance bars add to the safety and beauty of the space. The comfort height toilet features fold down bars for assistance in the biscuit finish to match the toilet.  The vanity is open underneath in both the sink and makeup areas.  The storage cabinet rests on the counter for greater ease of use.  Additional open storage and a drawer complete the storage needs.  The faucet was placed offset for great reachability.  Traditional Mexican tiles create the counter and frame the mirror, as well as line the walls.  Improved lighting was added with LED sconces directly on the mirror to reflect more light.