An Aging-in-Place Kitchen

The client is a 50-something professional Occupational Therapist who has done hundreds of Home Evaluations for her patients over her career and is acutely aware of the need to plan for the elder years. Her mom had a lot of arthritis and difficulty moving in her later years so she is assuming that she will also. She had planned to remodel for years, but as she got older and closer to retirement she needed to decide if she was going to stay in San Diego or move somewhere else. She decided to stay in her house for the rest of her life. She figured that there is no sense in remodeling at this age and not planning for the future. She expected that she would not have the money, energy or desire to deal with the hassles of remodeling again, so might as well do it now. The client and designer met at a workshop on aging-in-place home modifications. The collaboration of two disciplines (occupational therapy & interior design) on this project is a good example of how two “views” can create a space that is safe, easy to use and beautiful all at the same time.