An Aging-in-Place Bathroom

Imagine a client who grew up on a farm, whose heritage is expressed through the earth as a Master Gardener with a love of Native American culture. Though rooted in the past he has a vision of the challenges of his future and a strong desire to plan for it. He has spent years lovingly planting the earth around their home and he wants to live there as long as possible. He realizes that their master bathroom is the first challenge in his quest to remain in his home. The existing space barely accommodates a double vanity, a toilet and a tub. He loves to shower, she loves to bathe. Neither is safe to do in the present situation.

The redesign space planning involves removing two closets and the wall between the tub and toilet area and the vanity. An adjacent den becomes a new walk-in closet. Now both a barrier free shower and a walk-in tub can be accommodated. The vanity is redesigned for accessibility and increased linen storage. New floor tile which includes a natural river stone accent feature is added. All the metal finishes evoke a well-worn patina yet function as accessible and universal design elements.

The lighting design is addressed with layers of increased lighting that include decorative pendants and a chandelier, as well as dimmable fluorescent recessed lighting. Accent LED strip lighting highlights an interesting wall treatment under the vanity but also doubles as night lighting triggered by a motion detector.